Ear Biscuits: For your hungry head.

Video game podcasts are a common breed. Anyone with a console and a microphone essentially thinks they can podcast. That’s how 4Player Network (Formerly 4PlayerPodcast) got started. I found out about them on Youtube back in 2008 when they first started. Most of their content was recorded on a low-quality webcam and mic, but has since evolved […]

Who / What / When

Doctor Who is a science-fiction televised series that follows a time travelling alien. With ability to “regenerate” into a new body, the seemingly immortal Doctor takes his viewers on adventures throughout time and space While the televised Doctor Who series will be on hiatus for 2016 while Steven Moffat writes his final season, there certainly […]

Times Change, shows don’t.

Doctor Who has swept the world through time and space since it’s revival in 2005. The British sci-fi television series has had a cult following in the UK. It’s introduction to western audiences was a huge leap forward into bringing the series back from the dead. Since it’s 2005 revival, many changes have occurred within […]

Dualshock 4, Rest in Piece.

Thanks to Treyarch Studios for releasing the latest, and perhaps greatest, Call of Duty installment back in November 2015. Clocking in over 80 hours of gameplay is an impressive feat for a full-time college student who also has a full-time job. I also want to sarcastically thank Treyarch for single-handedly allowing me to ruin my Dualshock […]


What if someone you know takes the life of a loved one? That is the question BBC’s mini-series Broadchurch seeks to answer. The Premise First aired in January 2015, Broadchurch takes place in the titular small town with a population short of 13,000 where everyone knows everyone. Enter the Latimer’s; a simple family who’s lives […]

The worst heroes have the most pressure.

“You’ve become part of a bigger universe. You just don’t know it yet.” -Nick Fury (Iron Man, 2008) Back in 2008, Marvel took a huge risk: Make comic book heroes cool again. Eight years and twelve movies later, Disney’s MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has grossed well over $3.5 Billion, with titles such as Iron Man, Captain America: […]

Hello from the other side.

My name is Alexander Aguiluz. I am a junior communications major at Concordia University Chicago. I am pursuing a lifestyle involving a corner desk in charcoal black, an all-wood file cabinet, and a levitating magnetic top as a desk toy. In other words, I am interested in a human resource career. Aside from school, I […]