Power Rangers – Possible Remakes.

With a reboot film based on Saban’s “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” in production in Vancouver, the fan base can’t help but already wonder what could come next. Which other Power Rangers series’ could use a major face lift? I decided to formulate a list of the Top 5 Power Rangers stories that has potential to make it onto the big screen. Keep in mind that this list is opinion based, so leave your comments below whether you agree or disagree.

#5: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie / Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.


Tied for fifth place has to be the two major films released by Saban. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie (1995) and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997) were films featuring the cast of their accompanying television series. MMPRtm served as a non-canon (or unofficial) origin story for how the team received their new “Ninja Powers.” Likewise, T:aPRm served as a non-canon origin story for how the Zeo Rangers received their Turbo Powers.

Why they deserve a big screen reboot:

MMPRtm is considered to be a bigger success than Turbo. It took a more serious tone that contrasted the television series it was based on, featured CGI that was relatively advanced for it’s time, and had a big budget that contributed to the ‘cooler’ suits and command center of the team. If the 2017 reboot becomes a critical success, rebooting the storyline from the 1995 film would be the best sequel for the 2017 cast.

T:aPRm features a car motif, and the film utilized primarily toy cars and stop motion in the scenes featuring the cars. Rebooting it in the modern age would give way to a cool “Fast and Furious-Power Ranger”-esque action film.


#4: Power Rangers RPM


Power Rangers RPM (2009) was the last series produced by Disney before Saban re-acquired the rights to the Power Rangers brand. It took place in a dystopian future where the last of mankind divides themselves from autonomous evil machines (Think Terminator with Power Rangers).

Why it deserves a big screen reboot:

Granted it was not the best in the franchise, Terminator: Salvation set the perfect ground for a world that RPM could exist in. With deserted cities, barren wastelands, and rustic machines, placing a team of Power Rangers in that world would be an interesting take. Granted, a redesign in the costumes would be the first step in adapting it.

#3: Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Super Megaforce (2014) was the sequel series to 2013’s Power Rangers Megaforce. Together, the two commemorated the 20th Anniversary of Power Rangers. Super Megaforce, like every other Power Rangers, was based off of the Japanese counterpart series “Super Sentai,” in particular Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Gokaiger commemorated the 35th anniversary of Super Sentai. It did so by having the Gokaiger Rangers access the arsenal of all 34 previous Super Sentai teams, culminating in a grand final battle which united all 35 Super Sentai teams throughout history in a a feature film: Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle

Why it deserves a big screen reboot:

Just as I watch Power Rangers, I enjoy watching the Super Sentai counterpart. Megaforce was adapted from Gokaiger, which I feel had one of the best story lines and themes to date from a Super Sentai. Megaforce, however, did not adapt well. It steered far left from what Gokaiger did. Creating a feature film is Saban’s chance to do the series justice. There’s potential to do a two-part film as well. The first film being the origin story of the team, whereas the second film could be a remake of the 199 Hero Great Battle, bringing back classic Power Rangers actors in the mix.


#2: Power Rangers in Space

Power Rangers in Space (1998) is where 5 years and 6 seasons of Power Rangers concluded their story. With the Power Rangers fighting under the command of their leader Zordon, to traversing the universe to find him after he goes missing, In Space finally concludes with Zordon giving his final words to the rangers.

Why it deserves a big screen reboot:

In Space is wildly considered to be the best Power Rangers series of all time for many reasons. It featured a darker tone, an older cast (opposed to the high-school aged rangers from the past), and death of different characters throughout the series. If the 2017 MMPR reboot holds up and begins a film universe for the Power Rangers brand, In Space would be an amazing place to conclude it.


Honorable mentions:

  • Power Rangers SPD – Power Ranger police in a world filled with aliens. Men in Black crossover anyone?
  • Power Rangers Time Force – Like SPD, Time Force featured police rangers from the future, but also dealt with death and romance.


#1: The Death of Tommy Oliver


Thomas “Tommy” Oliver is considered to be one of the most iconic power rangers ever. Beginning as an evil power ranger back in Mighty Morphin, Tommy (Played by Jason David Frank) has made scattered appearances between 1993 and 2014, with a total of 234 on-screen appearances. His titles are as follows:

  1. Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger
  2. White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger
  3. White Ninja Ranger
  4. Zeo Ranger V – Red
  5. Red Turbo Ranger
  6. Black Dino Ranger

To date, as far as the canon of the Power Rangers universe goes, Tommy is in fact still alive. It would, however, make for a very emotional and interesting story for the fan base to kill off a legend. It could also potentially become a strong film in general, as Jason David Frank is currently a famed mix martial art fighter, and throwing his brutal fighting style into an aging Tommy Oliver could be the perfect send-off to even retire the character.


With a year to go before the 2017 Power Rangers reboot film, a ranger fan can’t help but wonder what it would be like to adapt classics to the big screen. Weigh in on the comments below on which series you would like to see in theaters!

Alex is a junior at Concordia University Chicago studying communications and journalism. Follow him on twitter Twitter_logo_blue_48@alexaguiluz_ 



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