Ear Biscuits: For your hungry head.

Video game podcasts are a common breed. Anyone with a console and a microphone essentially thinks they can podcast. That’s how 4Player Network (Formerly 4PlayerPodcast) got started. I found out about them on Youtube back in 2008 when they first started. Most of their content was recorded on a low-quality webcam and mic, but has since evolved into a more high-tech podcast about video games, movies, and their personal lives. The entertainment value in the podcast used to be in just straight up humor  by front man Brad, but has since taken a more serious approach towards the gaming industry.

The most recent podcast I’ve dived into is Nerdist podcast. Like 4Player Network, I found out about Nerdist through Youtube. Nerdist podcast episodes follow a simple structure of promoting other Nerdist media, then looking into their “Community Corkboard,” which is just comments and questions the fans have, and then mostly talking with a special guest.

The last podcast I listen to, or used to, is Ear Biscuits by Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning fame. Their podcasts don’t get updated as frequently. The topics of their podcasts are always random, usually consisting of something they read in the headlines that morning, or a spontaneous thought they have while using the toilet. The topic can literally be anything, and I think that’s what makes the podcast interesting in general: It feels like a conversation.


Alex is a junior at Concordia University Chicago studying communications and journalism. Follow him on twitter Twitter_logo_blue_48@alexaguiluz_ 


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