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Doctor Who is a science-fiction televised series that follows a time travelling alien. With ability to “regenerate” into a new body, the seemingly immortal Doctor takes his viewers on adventures throughout time and space

While the televised Doctor Who series will be on hiatus for 2016 while Steven Moffat writes his final season, there certainly won’t be a lack of new Doctor Who canon content. With the annual Christmas special, spin-off series, and recently announced Big Finish audiobook series, fans of Doctor Who will still get their fix of new content in 2016.

Starting with the famed Tenth Doctor’s (Played by David Tennant) first appearance in “The Christmas Invasion” back in December 25, 2005, an annual Christmas story is tradition in terms of the production of the show. While the first few Christmas stories were written to be heartwarming and epitomizes the spirit of Christmas, the Eleventh Doctor’s (Played by Matt Smith) stories have more heartbreaking approaches. We’ve seen his Doctor learn to find a reason to live again, only to have it taken away in The Snowmen. We’ve also seen his heart wrenching final episode in The Time of the Doctor as he faced off against every enemy in his eleventh incarnation. The latest Christmas story, The Husbands of River Song, we finally see the conclusion of a popular recurring character’s story that stretches way back to 2008. It’s too early to tell what 2016’s Christmas story will hold, but if the fans know Moffat like they do, it will definitely be an emotional one.

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Late last year, reports came in that a Doctor Who spin-off series entitled Class was in the works. Class is set at Coal Hill school, which is a recurring location since Doctor Who began way back in 1963. Much like Torchwood, a previous Doctor Who spin-off, Class will follow students who encounter aliens and monsters from the Doctor Who universe. Recent reports from Radio Times are speculating that the current Doctor (played by Peter Capaldi) will make an appearance on Class. “It will have a close connection with Doctor Who so don’t be surprised if Peter pops up,” said one source close to the production. If the report is accurate, it will definitely be a nice treat for fans of the show. Production of Class starts in April and is expected to air on BBC3 sometime this fall.
While fall is a long ways away for new Doctor Who, fans can rejoice upon the announcement of earlier content. Radio Times has recently released the full length trailer for Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures, a series of three audiobooks featuring the return of the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and his beloved companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), who returned to record their lines. The stories

Promo artwork for The Tenth Doctor’s Adventures

titled Death and the Queen, The Revear, and Technophobia, and are set to take audiences on an adventure through time, space, and memory lane. Although we saw David Tennant return to Doctor who back in 2013 for the 50th anniversary special, we haven’t seen his Doctor and Donna together since 2010.

Audiobooks are nothing new to the Doctor Who universe. Before the 2005 revival, a feature film in 1996 was released in hopes of reviving the franchise. Although it was a financial failure, the actor who played the Eighth Doctor in the film, Paul McGann found continued fame through Big Finish’s Doctor Who audio serial. McGann is recognized as the longest serving Doctor, having the role for nearly nine years through the audiobooks. Although McGann dominates Doctor Who’s audiobook medium, it’ll be hard to tell whether Tennant’s take on it will be any better.

While Steven Moffat is gearing up for his final season as Doctor Who showrunner, the next official season of Doctor Who won’t air until Spring 2017. Production of the season has yet to begin. Regardless, 2016 will not be Who-less, with seemingly enough content to substitute the televised series.


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