Times Change, shows don’t.

Doctor Who has swept the world through time and space since it’s revival in 2005. The British sci-fi television series has had a cult following in the UK. It’s introduction to western audiences was a huge leap forward into bringing the series back from the dead.

Since it’s 2005 revival, many changes have occurred within the show’s production. The titular character has changed actors three times, companion actors have come and gone, film style has improved, and writers and showrunners come and go.

In 2010 show writer Steven Moffat was promoted to showrunner.

Moffat had contributed stories since the shows’ revival back in 2005. He created magnificent stories throughout his time with “Doctor Who.” From terrifying audiences in “Blink,” to making fans cry in “The Angels Take Manhattan,” Steven Moffat’s contribution to the “Doctor Who” universe has been significant.

However, to quote the Eleventh Doctor:

 “Everything’s got to end sometime, otherwise nothing would ever get started.”

After an amazing six seasons, Steven Moffat announced that series ten will be his last as showrunner. Moffat made no mention on his decision to step down, however, has said “but the fact is my timey-wimey is running out.” It’s open to speculation that after being a part of “Doctor Who” for over a decade may put it’s toll on a writer.

Taking his place is “Broadchurch” creator/writer Chris Chibnall. Chibnall has history writing a few episodes of “Doctor Who,” as well as contributing to the shows’ spinoff series “Torchwood.”

To fans, it’s a disappointment, but we are sure to expect a big finale for Moffat’s final season. That season, however, will unfortunately have to wait another year.

“Doctor Who” series ten is set to air in Spring 2017. Fans, however do not have to wait for new Doctor Who content. The annual Christmas special is expected to air as usual on Christmas 2016. More details to come.


Alex is a junior at Concordia University Chicago studying communications and journalism. Follow him on twitter Twitter_logo_blue_48@alexaguiluz_ 


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