Dualshock 4, Rest in Piece.

Thanks to Treyarch Studios for releasing the latest, and perhaps greatest, Call of Duty installment back in November 2015. Clocking in over 80 hours of gameplay is an impressive feat for a full-time college student who also has a full-time job.

I also want to sarcastically thank Treyarch for single-handedly allowing me to ruin my Dualshock 4 controller. With 80 hours of intense zombie slaying and making 10-year-old children scream in anger on their headsets, my Dualshock 4’s thumbsticks have unfortunately been KIA. Repeatedly pressing down on them caused them not only to jam, but for the rubber gripping to wear out. Although a huge issue, I suppose it is expected for consecutive hours on a game of such intensity.

Avoiding the addiction of rapidly flicking your thumbsticks, the DualShock 4 is still an overall improvement over it’s predecessor.


Alex is a junior at Concordia University Chicago studying communications and journalism. Follow him on twitter Twitter_logo_blue_48@alexaguiluz_ 


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