Tallulah is a 2016 Netflix original comedy-drama that reunites the Juno mother-daughter actors Ellen Page and Allison Janney. Page plays the titular character Tallulah, “Lula,” a young woman who lives on the road in her van with her boyfriend Nico. After telling Nico about her far-fetched dream of living in India, he disappears. Lula heads off to […]

To Infinity, and that’s about it.

It’s that time of the year where the Call of Duty franchise begins the annual hype. The final weekend in April saw an update in the Black Ops 3 multiplayer map “Nuk3town” which saw in-game announcements from what seems like an enemy faction, as well as a spaceship in the end game explosion. On Tuesday May […]

Power Rangers – Possible Remakes.

With a reboot film based on Saban’s “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” in production in Vancouver, the fan base can’t help but already wonder what could come next. Which other Power Rangers series’ could use a major face lift? I decided to formulate a list of the Top 5 Power Rangers stories that has potential to make […]

Back to action!

“Back to action!” -Jason Lee Scott, First Red Power Ranger, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Back in mid-2015, a Power Rangers reboot film based off of the 1993 “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” (MMPR) was announced. Film studio Lionsgate was set to produce, aiming for a 2017 release. Lionsgate closed out 2015 by announcing it’s principle cast, […]

Tell me you’ve seen this before…

With the 2016 MTV Movie Awards airing this past Sunday, the world became exposed to some new film content. From an action scene from Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War , to the first teaser trailer to the Harry Potter spin-off film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, this year’s MTV Movie Awards gave us a glimpse into […]

Read me for $1

“It’s like a choose your own adventure where you have to pay thirty cents to add a page” -Anthony Carboni Anthony Carboni from the now defunct YouTube channel Rev3Games summed up microtransactions very well in this episode of their Casual Talk series. Microtransactions allow a person to use real-world currency to purchase in-game content. Whether it […]

Activated: The Division arrives.

If you ever wondered what would happen if a viral disease was to be spread on Black Friday, Tom Clancy’s The Division is probably the best answer you’ll get. First announced back at E3 2013, The Division is a third-person shooter that promises hours of replayability with your friends. The Plot The Division takes place in […]